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  • priti®multidisc ZrO2
  • monochrome in 16 VITA classical shades
  • multicolor in 7 different color gradients and
  • different translucency qualities: OPAQUE, TRANSLUCENT

priti®multidisc ZrO2 - CAD/CAM round blanks made of high performance zirconium oxide suitable for open systems.
Our comprehensive portfolio provides you with the material you need to meet your individual requirements.



Why pre-shaded material?

Applying a penetrating, homogeneous stain to the material does away with the need for processes such as dipping, painting and drying. This not only saves time and effort, but it also helps to avoid potential manual errors during the staining process. This reduces production costs and your customers will appreciate the consistent and reproducible color quality.

Since the material comes fully pre-shaded, even finishing or adjustment grinding do not leave light spots, which would have a negative optical impact on the finished product.

Industrially pre-shaded Zirconia Blanks can be Reproduced at any Time. Pre-shaded material is good for your sintering furnace and protects the material against damage. Acid-based liquid stains can emit fumes during the sintering process which leave deposits and

contaminate the furnace. This can cause undesirable discoloration and/ or loss of translucency. Using industrially pre-shaded zirconia ensures consistent color results..

Advantages of the mulitcolor blanks

Harmoniously adjusted color gradients that meet the highest aesthetic demands. You can work fully anatomically, even without ceramic layering.

Since time-consuming procedures such as dipping, painting or drying are no longer required, the sintering process canstart immediately after milling.

You can achieve convincing, highly aesthetic results just just by glazing or polishing.

Our specially developed MPT software application helps you to precisely position the CAD restoration in the blank in order to get the desired color effect.


  • The most comprehensive range of zircon round blank
  • High translucent zirconium oxide with the esthetics of lithium disilicate.
  • Balanced, batch-to-batch consistency color concepts, everytime reproducible results
  • With pre-colored blanks you get more time, because the restorations are no longer needed to be dipped or sanded and dried
  • High material quality and production competence
  • Any existing veneering material can be used with our zirconium oxid
  • A uniform sintering temperature of 1450 ° C for the entire zirkonia program, so you can combine each different levels of translucency and sinter them with the same program
  • The application of a fast sintering program is possible for our zirconia
  • Manufacturing competence “Made in Germany”

All priti®multidiscs are made in Germany from high purity powder. The certified isostatic pressing, ensures a high degree of safety and reproducibility. The highly compacted blanks provide definable sinter shrinkage and defect-free milling results.

The color stability through pre-shading and the homogeneity in every batch is the result of our manufacturing competence. priti®multidisc ZrO2 zirconia blanks are manufactured exclusively in Germany. This is the quality your restorations deserve.


Unique in the World of Dentistry

Our core competence is combining development and production under one roof to produce highly efficient premium products for our consumers. We leverage our vast experience in developing CAD/CAM products to provide our customers with valuable practical and laboratory expertise and support. Production efficiencies and aesthetics are no longer mutually exclusive: they can be combined to produce excellent results. This provides our customers with a clear, unrivaled advantage!

Our Team and Our Commitment

At the heart of everything we do here at pritidenta is our people. Our employees embody passion for excellence, technical precision and the pride that makes “Made in Germany” a very real and personal pursuit. As a team, we demand the best from ourselves so we deliver only the best to our customers. We are committed to our customers…to listen to them, to support them and to provide solutions which help them succeed. Quite simply, we make our customers’ goals our goals.


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